Provide Tangible Added Value to Investment Visions

We base our company’s growth and success on achieving our customers’ goals. That’s why we operate with the unique mission of being a trusted technical and financial consultant for energy investors, offering unparalleled high quality services which have as their sole purpose to create added value in each phase of the investment, from A to Z.

In this way, we safeguard that the investment visions we are involved in are realized. Through careful planning, execution and monitoring, our dedicated team of highly-trained engineers and technicians make sure each project meets our own high expectations, from design and construction, to operation and maintenance.

The implementation of this mission is a central part of our success as we base the growth of our company on achieving each and every one of these goals. Why? Because it is these factors which make Enerdia a trusted partner of energy investors.


Top Class Knowledge & Expertise


Delivery of High Quality Services


Beside the Investor Every Step of the Way


‘Can-Do’ Spirit & Approach


High Added Value